How Much is a Postage Stamp – Can I Get a Discount?

How Much is a Postage Stamp – Can I Get a Discount? It would be nice if you could buy postage stamps in bulk and get a discount for doing so. The United States Post Office has relaxed some of its previous strict rules regarding buying postage stamps for your letters.  Typically postage stamps are bought at a United States Post office (if buying in the US). Now there are many outlets that will sell you postage for your letters. In the past some grocery stores or restaurants had small vending machines in their lobbies where you could put in money and a few stamps would appear.  Since the price of a first class stamp increasingly goes up, it became difficult for those vending machines to keep up.

Since many mailing places have pooped up all over, it gave the opportunity to purchase your first class 46 cent stamp there.  Some retailers figured a way to add a little charge for that convenience. The vast variety of first class stamps may or may not be available, there. When you go directly to your local post office, there are usually a variety of unusual stamps hanging on display. Marketers and advertisers  have figured a way to incorporate their log to promote their company or business.   You can send your child’s favorite cartoon character as a stamp along with that special birthday card or letter. Even non profits have gotten involved and offer specialty stamps. Support for  Breast Cancer Awareness may generate publicity as well as some fundraising for the cause. National history week, specialty birds, American heroes have all adorned the postage stamp. This is good business for the post office because it allows some stamps to be collected and not used. This may save the post office and add to its budget. Collectors both nationally and internationally especially appreciate stamps that are only for a short time.

When sending a special invitation like a wedding announcement, baby shower, etc, special “love” stamps may be available. The Post Office doesn’t usually charge any extra for the collectible and decorative stamp. Some paper companies that offer invitations may even offer to “mail” out your invite and add on a fee to have that cute postage stamp. Companies as well as individuals have used a new concept in postage stamps in designing their own personalized stamp. How fun to receive a birth announcement with the new baby’s pictures or the newest CEO smiling on the stamp!

As far as getting a “deal” or a discount, some large retailers may use the stamps as an incentive to purchase. Essentially stamps are sold at face value there. Grocery stores offer books of stamps as a convenience for their customer. Just be sure after you pay, you get your stamps. At the large box stores, the stamps are usually sold in a larger quantity, anticipating businesses to buy in bulk like they do the rest of their shopping trip. Again, be sure to use your receipt and show it to the counter person who handles the “secure” items. Some stamps can be purchased through the mail.

The best “deal” or discount on postage stamps would be to purchase the “Forever” stamp. As the name implies, these stamps are still accepted as first class: forever. So when the price of postage stamps is 46 cents today and it goes up as eventually everything does, you won’t have to add on extra postage to make sure your stamp goes through the post office and not get returned. You should do several things regarding postage. Keep your receipts if you use them for tax deductions. Know where you put your stamps. It’s so easy to stick them in a drawer and forget about it. This is something the USP might like as you’ll have to buy more. Keep a note somewhere, so you can remember if this stamp is a “Forever” stamp. Sometimes the post office doesn’t label them as such. Be sure to keep the cutesie Bugs or Woody away from your kids or you’ll see them plastered on walls or coloring books!! Last, if you really like a stamp, buy lots as it may be a short run!


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